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Ok, I totally get it.  You aren’t one of those Pinterest Moms that obviously spends hours creating all these cutesy crafts and DIY herbal remedies, etc.

Well, news flash!!  Neither am I!!!

Every remedy and recipe you find on this blog is simple and quick to prepare!  The Elderberry Syrup recipe takes an hour or so – that’s the longest I’m gonna bother to spend on prepping a remedy – hey, I’ve got a life, ya know?  ;)  So if you’d much rather spend a few dollars for some ready-made products that work, read on!  :)


A great resource for herbal remedies, a company that we have purchased from since their early days-




Beeyoutiful is a small, family owned and operated business.  They are Christian homeschoolers too.  The first product I purchased from them was Winter Breeze – a chest salve like Vick’s VapoRub.  We used this faithfully for years – the jar is getting pretty old now – but I used it on the girls when they had Whooping Cough – worked great, really helped ease the coughing along with Red Clover tea.



The next product we bought was BerryWell, an elderberry syrup.  I make my own now but if you’d rather not – this is a wonderful product that works very well!






We also buy a product called “Tummy Tune Up” – an acidopholis supplement that I add to our morning smoothie (recipe here).  It’s especially great when someone has had a bout of stomach flu – really helps get things back to normal FAST.

Tummy Tuneup


They have great customer support, fast delivery, and a “bee points” program where you earn points toward your next order.  10% of your current order goes toward the next one – really adds up!


Some of their products include:


  • nutritional supplements for the whole family
  • herbal remedies for specific health concerns
  • essential oils (I will add – not as pure as Young Living’s!  Not therapeutic grade – more for diffusing)
  • herbal teas
  • mineral make up and skincare, etc.
  • plus informative articles and recipes for DIY remedies, household cleaners, etc.


You can check them out right here – BeeYouTiFul.  They also have an affiliate program where you can earn 10% on each referral sale.  That really can add up too, just like the BeePoints!  :)


Happy shopping!!  :D




by Susan on February 16, 2015




The following is a true story, only the names have been changed.


A family member, Thomas, was always a “good boy”.  He did well in school, had lots of friends, was funny, and drove the speed limit with his hands on “10 o’clock and 2 o’clock”.  Little did we know there was a side to Thomas that we had never seen.


I got a call late one evening toward the end of June in 2002.  Another family member, Sarah, was on the other end.  She said “Thomas is in the hospital; he’s blue and isn’t breathing. They’ve got him hooked up to all their machines. They’re running tests to see what’s going on.”  A few minutes later, the phone rang again. “They found Methadone in his blood stream”, Sarah said.  “Methadone? What’s that?” I asked.  And thus our nightmare began.


Apparently Thomas had been drinking and doing drugs for quite some time.  We never knew.  He hid it very well.  This particular evening, a “friend” dared him to take this drug, Methadone, which is normally used to aid Heroin addicts during withdrawal.  When everything went wrong and Thomas collapsed, his so-called friends left him to die.


Two weeks later, after many consultations with several neurosurgeons at Mass General and several brain scans, it was determined that all that was left of Thomas’ brain function was the stem which controls breathing and heart rate.  He wasn’t totally brain dead but probably would be soon.  We decided as a family to remove life support.  I’ll never forget the  aching sobs that day.


The time arrived to remove life support.  I went to the hospital to be there with the family.  The doctor told us what we could expect.  We were told to watch the numbers on the computer screen above Thomas’ head (heart rate, breathing rate, etc.).  We were told that those numbers would slowly go down until they were flat.


What that doctor didn’t know was there were people praying to ALMIGHTY GOD all over the USA.   One of those “pray-ers” was my then 2 year old daughter.  She straight out asked me the night before we were to remove life support “Is Thomas coming home yet?”  I didn’t know how to answer her.  I said, “I don’t think so honey, he’s very sick, maybe too sick for the doctors to fix him”.  “But JESUS can fix him Mama!”  I’m sorry to say that I was thinking to myself “He’s already dead, there’s no hope now.”  Again she said, “Mama!  JESUS can make him better!”  I asked her if she wanted to pray (because my faith at that point was nearly gone).  She and I got down on our knees and held hands and she prayed “Jesus, please make Thomas better.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”  While she was praying I prayed silently saying, “God, You hear her.  If You don’t do this she’ll remember that You didn’t come through! Her faith will be destroyed! Please heal Thomas!” I’m quite ashamed to say that’s exactly what I said to Almighty God Himself.  My faith was nearly gone at that time.


The next morning, after the doctor left the room, I watched those numbers on that monitor GO UP not down!  The doctor came in 20 minutes later, looked at Thomas, looked at the computer screen, looked at Thomas again, looked at the screen again, threw his arms in the air and said , rather loudly, “I don’t know what’s going on here, but this IS NOT MEDICAL SCIENCE!” and back out of the room and left!


To make a long story a bit shorter, Thomas was COMPLETELY HEALED with no left over effects AT ALL!  He was married earlier this year and he and his new wife are making their home together.


“Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity” is so true.  I believe when the life support was removed, God was then able to heal Thomas.  As long as we were keeping him alive through “medical science”, God’s hands were tied.


I thank God for the faith of an innocent child who believed those Bible stories her Mama taught her about Jesus healing the sick and raising the dead.  Thomas will always be “Lazarus” to me.


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