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When Marriage Gets Tough

by Susan on January 27, 2015

Yesterday Hannah and I got to talking about life, you know – the deep stuff 15 year olds talk about.  We were talking about school choices and how we need to stick with what we’re doing (homeschooling) even though sometimes it seems like we “should” go back to a private school.  I said something like, “Sometimes you’ve just got to stick with the path you’re on, like in marriage – sometimes it seems like the grass is greener somewhere else, but once you’re “somewhere else”, you realize the grass you had was pretty darn good.”





So that got me to thinking about our marriage.  We’ve been married for 23 years (this coming summer) and it hasn’t been a bed of roses.  As a matter of fact, many, MANY times I was sorely tempted to throw in the towel and file for a divorce.


He  was an alcoholic for the first 15 years of our marriage.  He kept it hidden from me before we got married.  I was totally blindsided that first weekend.  Absolutely shocked.  I didn’t grow up that way – my father would take 2 weeks to finish a 6 pack of Budweiser – 2 or 3 beers on a weekend after mowing the grass, he would sit with a beer and listen to a Red Sox game on the radio.  I didn’t know HOW to live with an alcoholic.


Many nights were spent alone, wondering where and how he was.  (Was he even alive?) He wasn’t violent, just not around.  Even when he was home, he wasn’t really “there.”  I felt so incredibly alone.  His own parents strongly urged me to get out.  I actually started saving money and planning how and when to leave.


When the girls started coming along, I felt more alone than ever.  I would look at other marriages and wish our marriage was like that.  How could I have married “the wrong man”?  ”Everyone else” had such happy marriages, or so I thought (remember the green grass above?)  I believed that surely I had made a terrible mistake and “missed the one God had for me”.  I was “tearing down” my house with my words and attitude.


Well meaning friends would concur with my opinions & thoughts – not really helping, just agreeing with me in my pity party.


It wasn’t until I read a book called “Created To Be His Helpmeet” by Debi Pearl that I realized my own attitude, my own selfishness, was NOT HELPING MY SITUATION, it was actually making it worse.


We can spend our days longing for “something else” or “what might have been” (long for the grass on the other side of fence) – which does nothing to improve our situations, or we can spend our time fertilizing our own grass by spending time in God’s Word, learning TRUTH – what He requires of a helpmeet, and being that helpmeet for our OWN husband.  I chose the Truth instead of the lie that I had “missed the right one”. (I mean really, if there really is only ONE person that is “right” for each of us, and if we marry the “wrong person”, then our “right person” also married the “wrong person” and on and on it goes!!! a LIE!!)


Sometime about 10 years ago is when I started reading that book I mentioned above, and that was truly the turning point of our marriage.  I learned to let go of my own agenda and start seeking God’s way.  I learned that it really isn’t all about ME and what I WANT, it’s about the truth of God’s Word and what HE SAYS ABOUT MARRIAGE. I began to rebuild my marital foundation upon the truth of God’s Word. (and by the way, my husband is not a Christian) Was our marriage magically transformed?  Did he become Prince Charming himself?  Um, NO.  He did quit drinking cold turkey in 2006 and hasn’t had a drop since.  He’s becoming more attentive as I become more submissive.  I have learned to seek to please my husband first (and in so doing – pleasing God) and NOT MY OWN SELFISH WANTS.  That’s the key.




I HIGHLY recommend this book – “Created To Be His Helpmeet” by Debi Pearl – available here – (no it’s not an affiliate link!)  You will probably get mad.  You definitely will cry.  But out of brokenness comes healing.  Let God break your heart.  Let Him then transform that brokenness into something beautiful.  God CAN RESTORE your marriage.  He will, but only if you let Him.


Need encouragement?  Send me an email at  I’d love to agree with you in prayer for the restoration of your marriage & family.




Why I Trust Essential Oils

by Susan on January 25, 2015



My journey to better health started way back in 2003.  Long story short, our youngest daughter, at the time (now she’s the middle one!), was experiencing effects from a round of vaccinations.  I won’t get into all that here, as I have already done so in another post, but we started going to an Anthroposophical Naturopathic Dr in a nearby town.  She began teaching me about natural means of health & healing.  Thus began our journey.


We began an organic lifestyle with organic diet, plenty of herbal teas, supplements, etc., fresh air & sunshine, gardening, etc., etc.  I guess you could say we “went green”.  Also during this time we started adding Body Balance, an aloe vera and sea vegetable juice that completely healed me of Chronic Fatigue.  More on that story here.


I began preparing herbal remedies a few years ago.  I took courses on herbs, how to best prepare them, and how to use them.  I always felt like the essential oil craze was just that, a craze.  I mean, please, I GROW THESE PLANTS and excuse me, but I KNOW HOW TO PREP THEM.   :)


I purchased a few oils at our local health food store and wasn’t very impressed.  I didn’t notice a thing.  They smelled odd, just plain weird.  We didn’t get any benefits that I could tell.  I used some eucalyptus in a candle diffuser and nearly gagged us all to death!  My husband HATED it.  I made up my mind that essential oils were not worth bothering with – until late 2014.


Over the past year or so I saw many posts from Young Living reps and I knew that Young Living’s oils were much more pure than the ones I had purchased at the Co-op, but little did I know what a difference I would find.


I finally decided enough was enough, I had to find out more about these oils and clicked on one of the links.  I read and read and read and my eyes were completely opened to not only the incredible purity of these oils but the business opportunity.  I jumped in with both feet and bought the Premium Starter Kit and haven’t looked back yet.  I joined an incredibly supportive and knowledgeable team of ladies that are committed to our success with these oils.  You’ll be added to this same team should you order a Premium Starter Kit too!  :D


When our very first package arrived, I could SMELL THE OILS right through the box!!  I couldn’t WAIT to open it.  All three girls and I gathered around the box and started opening it.  I could smell a certain scent that I just HAD to discover which bottle it came from – we started opening bottles and INHALING DEEPLY… ahhhhh!!!  The lavender smelled like walking into a beautiful field full of lush lavender plants!  The peppermint aroma filled the entire room!  Thieves brought such a warming cloves scent!  But it was VALOR, VALOR that I was searching for!  Valor became my new deep-sleep inducing friend.  I rub a drop or two on the bottom of each foot before I go to bed.  It also has become my “I don’t need to visit the chiropractor as often” friend.  (It is nicknamed “chiropractic adjustment in a bottle” – I thought “yeah, RIGHT…” – but it has proven itself to be so).


Peppermint has become our daughter Abby’s best friend for her tummy “woes”.  Our middle daughter Mary Anne likes Dragon Time for menstrual issues.  Hannah LOVES Thieves for its aroma and germ fighting abilities.  My personal favorites are Valor, Thieves, and Stress Away.


“But how do you USE THEM?” you might be asking.  We diffuse them in our home diffuser (comes with the Premium Starter Kit), apply directly to the bottom of our feet (the bottom of the feet have nerves that go to every part of the body – therefore oils that you apply to your feet will help wherever needed!), some oils we apply directly to the problem area – headaches get peppermint directly on the temples, etc., tummy aches get peppermint rubbed on the belly, menstrual cramps get Dragon Time directly where the cramping is.  You can even just rub a drop or two on the palms of your hands, cup your hands to your face and INHALE!!!  ahhhh!  Some oils can be taken internally, such as peppermint, thieves, lemon.  Thieves makes a great tea for colds/flu!!  A drop of peppermint in a  quart of water makes a refreshing, healthy drink!


I believe that God has given us everything we need in nature for the health of our bodies.  I mean, really, we were created in a GARDEN, right??  Why would the Creator Himself create us out of the dust of the earth if plants grown from that very same soil were not also for the healing of our ills?  He has given us everything we need if we will but heed His wisdom.  Eat foods that He has created, in as natural a state as possible.  Drink water & herb tea & freshly squeezed juices.  Get plenty of fresh air & sunshine.  Get plenty of rest.  Clean your home with all natural, non toxic cleaners (plenty of recipes here on the blog!).  Get exercise in the fresh air & sunshine.  Take supplements such as Body Balance (organic, whole foods – not laboratory created pills!!) and use essential oils!


Essential oils are the “life juice” of the plants, concentrated way more powerfully than you or I could ever dream of duplicating.  I  still make herbal tinctures, remedies, teas, etc. but what I prepare is NOWHERE NEAR as powerful as these oils.  They are God-created medicine, pure & simple!!


Ok, are you thinking “enough already!  where do I sign up?” – click here and get started with a Premium Starter Kit!  You’ll not only get wholesale pricing, but you’ll have the opportunity to create a second income, should you so desire.  Once you have ordered your Starter Kit, send us an email at and I’ll add you to our team’s private Facebook group where you can get all the training you’ll need on using your new oils and how to share them with others!


PS!  The first 10 people to sign up this month with a Premium Starter Kit get 2 bottles of free oil from me – Grapefruit and Lemon.  The first TWO people get the two free oils, plus a bottle of Thieves hand cleaner, Thieves spray, or Deep Relief Roll On.  Everyone gets the booklet “The Chemical Free Home” plus gets added to the private Facebook group.  :D


God bless you on your journey to greater health, His Way!! :)


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