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Beautiful Poem Reflecting the Mother’s Heart

by Susan on October 21, 2014

Just a quick post this morning.  I read this poem recently and it really touched my heart.  It perfectly sums up my feelings, hopes and desires for my daughters.  I would only add my desire that they always hold fast to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that the seeds that are being planted in their lives today would grow into a plentiful harvest for Him.


“I hope you feel like a welcomed spark to my life, not an inconvenience, annoyance, or bother to my day.
I hope you feel comfortable in your skin, not constantly wondering how many things you need to change before you’re loved and celebrated.

I hope you feel heard, valued, and understood, not dismissed for being too young or too inexperienced to have an opinion or know what you need to thrive.

I hope you feel capable and confident, not incapable of trying new things without constant supervision and correction.
I hope you feel brave to bare the colors of your soul, not pressured to hide your light or play small to gain acceptance.

I hope after spending an hour … a day … a lifetime in my presence,
I leave your heart fuller,
your smile wider,
your spirit stronger
your future brighter
than you could have ever imagined by yourself.”


What We Like About Our Family

by Susan on October 17, 2014



The girls got an idea the other day about making a list about what they each like about our family.  Then it expanded to making a master list about what we ALL like about each member of the family.  We each took a few minutes and thought about what makes each member of our family special. 

What an encouragement this has been to all the girls.  Yes, some were silly but for the most part they were all very thoughtful about what they wrote down.  I actually have it posted on the wall in the kitchen.  :)


Here is our list they called “Things We Like About Our Family”:


Abby wrote:

1.  Mary has a great smile!

2.  Hannah is very nice!

3.  Mom cares for us.

4.  Dad is hard working.


Mary Anne wrote:

1.  Abby is very friendly and always wants to help.

2.  Hannah always knows how to help me with a problem.

3.  Mom is always cleaning and washing and loving.  (really?  I’m ‘always cleaning and washing’??)

4.  Dad goes out to haul every day and brings home money for food.


Hannah wrote:

1.  Abby is always making me laugh!  Also, she always knows where everything is!

2.  Mary Anne is kind and loving to all of us!  She is the “good one”.  ;)

3.  Mom is the BEST MOM EVER!! She loves us and we love her!   (aww!)

4.  Dad is the BEST DAD EVER!!  He works hard every day for us and is kind to us.


Steve wrote:

1.  Hannah is a bigger procrastinator than me and that makes me look better.  (you’ve got to understand this is his sense of humor!  Although, they both DO PROCRASTINATE)

2.  Mary Anne is always on time.  (more humor and yes she IS always on time!  Thank goodness I’ve got ONE that’s timely!!)

3.  Abby is a good helper and likes to work.  (she loves working!)

4.  I like Mom’s cooking.  (no elaboration?  No further comment?  huh…)


I wrote:

1.  Hannah is a caring big sister.

2.  Mary Anne helps out wherever needed.

3.  Abby is very organized.

4.  Dad is a good provider for his family.


In reading this over, I see 4 true character traits:

  • Hannah is a helpful and caring big sister.
  • Mary Anne is willing to offer help and love wherever and whenever needed.
  • Abby is organized and a good leader and isn’t afraid to work.
  • Steve is an excellent provider for the family.


I enjoy reading this list every day.  It reminds us all of what is important, really important to each of us.  It makes all those little frustrations melt away, and helps me to refocus.  Kind of like hitting the “reset” button.


How about your family?  How about making your own list today about what you all find special about the members in your family?  You’ll be surprised at how encouraged each person will feel!



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