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What We Like About Our Family

by Susan on October 17, 2014



The girls got an idea the other day about making a list about what they each like about our family.  Then it expanded to making a master list about what we ALL like about each member of the family.  We each took a few minutes and thought about what makes each member of our family special. 

What an encouragement this has been to all the girls.  Yes, some were silly but for the most part they were all very thoughtful about what they wrote down.  I actually have it posted on the wall in the kitchen.  :)


Here is our list they called “Things We Like About Our Family”:


Abby wrote:

1.  Mary has a great smile!

2.  Hannah is very nice!

3.  Mom cares for us.

4.  Dad is hard working.


Mary Anne wrote:

1.  Abby is very friendly and always wants to help.

2.  Hannah always knows how to help me with a problem.

3.  Mom is always cleaning and washing and loving.  (really?  I’m ‘always cleaning and washing’??)

4.  Dad goes out to haul every day and brings home money for food.


Hannah wrote:

1.  Abby is always making me laugh!  Also, she always knows where everything is!

2.  Mary Anne is kind and loving to all of us!  She is the “good one”.  ;)

3.  Mom is the BEST MOM EVER!! She loves us and we love her!   (aww!)

4.  Dad is the BEST DAD EVER!!  He works hard every day for us and is kind to us.


Steve wrote:

1.  Hannah is a bigger procrastinator than me and that makes me look better.  (you’ve got to understand this is his sense of humor!  Although, they both DO PROCRASTINATE)

2.  Mary Anne is always on time.  (more humor and yes she IS always on time!  Thank goodness I’ve got ONE that’s timely!!)

3.  Abby is a good helper and likes to work.  (she loves working!)

4.  I like Mom’s cooking.  (no elaboration?  No further comment?  huh…)


I wrote:

1.  Hannah is a caring big sister.

2.  Mary Anne helps out wherever needed.

3.  Abby is very organized.

4.  Dad is a good provider for his family.


In reading this over, I see 4 true character traits:

  • Hannah is a helpful and caring big sister.
  • Mary Anne is willing to offer help and love wherever and whenever needed.
  • Abby is organized and a good leader and isn’t afraid to work.
  • Steve is an excellent provider for the family.


I enjoy reading this list every day.  It reminds us all of what is important, really important to each of us.  It makes all those little frustrations melt away, and helps me to refocus.  Kind of like hitting the “reset” button.


How about your family?  How about making your own list today about what you all find special about the members in your family?  You’ll be surprised at how encouraged each person will feel!



I am one of those moms that doesn’t take as much “Me Time” as I would like…though I sure do take more than I used to!  I get up an hour earlier and stay up an hour later than everyone else, just so I can BREATHE and think my own thoughts, without being interrupted.  (“MOMMMMMMMMM!!!!  I can’t find my ____________!”)


I also take regular walks and go for a run sometimes (especially when I REALLY NEEEEEED TO RUN!!!)  :)


BUT, I am NOT good at “pampering” myself.  I’m not a mani/pedi type.  I admit right here and now that I have never in my life (44 years!) had a manicure.  I did once, however, get a facial.  wowonce.  sad I know….


So on a quest for more “Me Time” I’ve been looking for an easy, relaxing, and healing bath recipe.  And this post is the result.  :)


When you think “Epsom Salts” do you picture that carton that looked like a milk carton in your grandmother’s bathroom?  I always wondered what it was…well, come to find out, Epsom Salt is a very healthy, energy increasing supplement of sorts.  It’s loaded with magnesium which our bodies need for proper absorption of calcium, regulating blood pressure, and reducing muscle aches, among scores of other functions.   AND, your skin, being the sponge that it is, soaks that magnesium right into your body!  So!  An epsom salt bath, especially when combined with essential oils of whatever aroma you choose, can be a serious health-giving treat!


Lavender is especially good for a relaxing bath before bed.  It naturally reduces the level of cortisol in your body.  Cortisol is the stress hormone that is responsible for the “fight or flight” response.  When this is reduced, sleep comes more easily – especially for those who “can’t shut their minds off”… I’ve had a night or two like that before!


Epsom Salt/Lavender Bath:

8 to 10 drops therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil (get it by clicking here)

1 to 2 cups Epsom Salts

While the bath water is running, sprinkle the epsom salts and essential oil under the running water and swish around till its all dissolved.  Get a book, a cup of herbal tea,  GET IN and enjoy!!  :)  and LOCK THE BATHROOM DOOR!  :D



Here’s another idea if you feel you need a really deep detoxing bath.


Bentonite Clay Bath:

This one’s kind of messy, I’ll tell you right up front.  But, once you see the JUNK that the clay “drew out” of your body…well, you’ll be glad it’s not in your glands anymore.

Bentonite clay is superb for drawing out toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals out of the glandular system.  It can be taken internally, used as a facial or body clay mask, even as toothpaste.   You can purchase it at the Bulk Herb Store by clicking here.

1. Fill tub with warm/hot water and add 2-2.5 lbs. of Bentonite Clay.  Soak in the tub and apply the clay to your glads (neck, armpits, back of knees, etc. ) to help pull out heavy metals and toxins. Soak for at least 20 minutes, preferably at least 1 hour for full detox benefits.

2. Leave the clay and bath water in the tub over night!!  Don’t drain the tub or all that sticky clay will undoubtedly result in a serious septic system issue!!  In the morning, all the clay will have settled to the bottom of the tub.  Drain the water out and when empty, use paper towels to wipe the clay out of the tub.  Don’t use washcloths or other towels because, again, you don’t want the clay in your septic system in large amounts.  You’ll probably notice that the clay isn’t white anymore.  It’s probably much darker!!  The clay did it’s job!


I know from 15 years of first hand experience that we moms generally DO NOT take enough time for ourselves.  In another post I told this little story and it’s appropriate to share here too.

When my oldest daughter (now 15) was about 7 or 8, and we also had a 5 and a 2 year old, I had this one particular day when I needed to GO FOR A WALK NOW!  Ever had one of those days?  :)  Anyway, she didn’t want me to go.  I asked her a question – if you had a glass of water and you kept giving a little bit of that water to people in your family all day long, what is eventually going to happen to that glass of water?  “It’s going to get empty!” she replied.  “Yes, that’s right.”  I said.  “And my glass of water is empty and I can fill it back up again by going for a walk.”  “Oh!”  she replied.  She didn’t fully “get it” but she was not against me going for a walk anymore!

A nice relaxing bath can do the same for you tonight!  Refill that “glass of water” by taking even 30 minutes (60 would be better!!) and soaking away stress in a therapeutic lavender and epsom salt bath!!!  :)












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